c1Camp out and stay connected anyplace – anytime

Campgrounds throughout the US and Canada all offer FREE WIFI, but how easy is it to access? We all know that during heavy camping seasons it can be very frustrating not being able to get online when at your convenience. Now those days are over. With our extender you can watch movies, do face time with family and use your computer and phone internet when you are ready not when there are fewer users in your campground.

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS : Our extender just extends the coverage of the main wireless router in the campground. You will NOT be using someone else’s signal, only enchancing your small piece of the signal in your own space. Just connect to the FREE SIGNAL through your laptop or PC and enjoy unlimited access.

c2Just plug it in to any wall outlet and connect to the campground FREE WIFI

Wifi Extender

Our device will connect to the FREE WIFI connections, offered anywhere in the US and Canada. Campgrounds, hotel/motel, fast food or any other open WiFi sites can be accessed easily and your connection strength is guaranteed.

No waffling or freeze-ups with WiFi on Steroids.

$59.95 USD