There is nothing more frustrating then checking into your hotel/motel room after a long driving day and not being able to log onto your FREE wifi supplied by your $100 a night hotel/motel.

Now you have WIFI ON STEROIDS to save the day!!!

002Easy to use and when you check out, pack it up and use it again at your next stop. This device is a must for anyone who travels regularly and must have internet access.

Simply plug into any wall outlet and open your computer and log in to your wifi extender. A very consumer friendly menu will pop up and walk you through the process to connect to the FREE WIFI provided. You

watch movies, do face to face conferencing or just be able to check your email for any important messages that may be in you inbox.

Wifi Extender

Our device will connect to the FREE WIFI connections, offered anywhere in the US and Canada. Campgrounds, hotel/motel, fast food or any other open WiFi sites can be accessed easily and your connection strength is guaranteed.

No waffling or freeze-ups with WiFi on Steroids.

$59.95 USD